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45cm Yellow Cirtine Semi Precious Natural Stone Mid-Length Necklace - Cherish Me Jewellery - Melbourne Australia

45cm Yellow Cirtine Semi Precious Natural Stone Mid-Length Necklace

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Unique one of a kind design hand-crafted Semi-Precious natural stone necklace
    • Stone: Cirtine
    • Colour: Yellow
    • Metal: Silver
    • Length: 45cm with a 5cm extension chain

Where did the name Citrine come from? Citrine comes from the Greek word ‘citron’, because the crystal has a similar color to the citrus fruit. Citrine crystals are usually yellow, yellow brown, orange, dark orange brown, and reddish brown in color, and are formed when purple amethyst undergoes heat treatment. This is why they’re also sometimes called ‘burnt amethyst’.

Why Citrine? Citrine is said to be a spiritual cleanser and can regenerate your spiritual self. Every day, your spirit gets exposed to external energies that are both harmful and good for the spirit. When there’s too much negative energy in your spirit, the spirit can also get bogged down with negative and toxic energies, which is where Citrine is said to be great for cleansing and rejuvenating your spirit.. They are also said to be excellent stones for self-healing.

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