100% 925 Solid Sterling Silver Chunky Flower Design Semi-Precious Purple Amethyst Stone Ring - Size 7 or 8

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Flower design 100% 925 solid sterling silver semi-precious purple Amethyst natural stone ring. 

  • Stone: Amethyst
  • Colour: Purple
  • Stone Size: 1.8cm x 1.8cm
  • Ring Size: 7 or 8

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    Amethyst is a variety of quartz in colors ranging from pale lilac to deep reddish purple and ranging from transparent to translucent. A stone traditionally worn to guard against drunkeness and to instill a sober mind, the word Amethyst comes from the Greek meaning "without drunkenness". Amethyst is believed to protect one from poison.

    Amethyst is said to be a wonderful talisman to focus and amplify creativity, especially in darker shades. It assists endeavors where new, original results need to be created. It is often used as the Artist’s Stone, the Composer’s Stone, the Inventor’s, Poet’s and Painter’s Stones. 

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